• Richard Charlie
  • August 10, 2020

Unfair dealing with business practices is not a permissible thing because the well-being and rights of the customers depend on them. Every entity in the commercial world needs to follow some dos and don’ts and stay in certain legal limits. Whenever a business crosses that, rage against it occurs with consensus. 

If you have a business and something wrong has happened from your side, immediately make efforts to prevent further image damage. Whether the mistake or crime was committed by a new employee of your company or by the CEO, the complete organization is responsible.

Take a detailed insight into the image building suggestion with information on the other related aspects.

Shameful incidents that made Uber notorious

We still remember how thoroughly Uber had to face severe criticism when some passengers blamed it for sexual harassment. Around 56 claims emerged back-to-back against the company services and even today after, two years, we are not able to forget it.

The females are still not very sure about taking a ride through Uber. It was not the end; the sexist comment by CEO Travis Kalanick became the cause of a big decision. Its operations have been banned in the UK after the incident. Here is the detailed mention of the complete picture – https://bit.ly/3inyQzJ

 It is not difficult to imagine the loss of the reputation of the company. Yes! It was huge!!

  • What Uber did to improve the image?

The claims were right, and it was not able to for a car ride service company to escape from it. As the result, several steps were taken in immediate response to the incidents.

  • The Company fired more than 20 employees, and a list of new rules was issued for the existing employees.
  • Changes were made in the Senior Leadership, including the quit of the CEO.
  • Limits of alcohol consumption during company events and weekdays were applied
  • Board of directors was restructured to reframe the business strategy and with increased attention to rules and ethics
  • Discount offers were given to the customers with the promise of safe rides to regain the lost trust and revive soon.

The taken actions gave gradual results, but the company still has a bumpy road to cross. The revival of faith is always tricky.

The common adverse effects of scandals

After reading the above incident, it becomes necessary to take a quick look at the negative after-effects that bad publicity brings to a business.

  • Loss of goodwill
  • Fall in sale
  • Loss of trust
  • Damage to brand equity
  • Compromised focus on business activities

How to rebuild your business image after a scandal?

Now when the wrong thing has happened, it is the time to face the consequences and make efforts to earn back normalcy. The following are some ways to handle the conditions and protect your business image from a bigger possible loss.

  • Accept and give clarification.

You only increase the rage if you deny on whatever has happened because that is considered shameless. It is better if your company accepts the incident and explains everything to the people through the right type of media.

  • Issue a press release describing the complete scenario
  • Organize a press conference to make things clear
  • Television or telephonic interviews to media companies can also help

In short, the more you appear, lesser will be the anger of the people. The businesses that hide after a blunder always invite problems.

  • Terminate the responsible person/people

Take the ethical responsibility of the occurrence and investigate the prime culprit. No matter how high profile he or she is in your company, send termination orders. The world is watching you, and every deed by the business becomes the headline of the media.

It is not easy to explain the loss of the people. It is like a vast ocean that your company has turned against itself, and the high waves of controversy can erase your name from the market. Termination of the responsible people is necessary to turn your efforts in the right direction.

  • Make immediate improvements if the fault is a product or service related.

From fashion brands to financial services, every business needs to provide the best quality to its customers. It is required ethically, morally, and legally, but sometimes things do not happen in the desired manner. As a result, scandals happen and bring a threat to the existence of a business.

It is not new to listen to how profitable is considered the payday loans online in Belgium. The lenders apply extremely higher rates on the loans, and the borrowers get in the debt trap if they fail to pay the instalments.

After countless complaints, the financial authorities issued a set of strict rules. To offer the loans without getting blacklist in Belgium, the lenders have to follow the rules. The world knows that payday loans have always been a controversial financial product. In fact, it is banned in some countries.

If your business is in question due to unethical handling of the product or service, then make public commitments to improve it IMMEDIATELY. Not only commitments but do it in reality. Make the due changes and relaunch it.

It is a way to show the responsibility towards whatever has happened and also your genuine intention to improve the situations.

Conclusion Image loss after a scandal is the biggest threat to a business. To prevent issues in the business, hire mature and honest management that can sharply predict the presence of WRONG. Besides, your personal moral values reflect business practices. If the owner is spotless in character and nature, the whole entity will have to follow the same. Act rational, and the action will be correct.

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