Belgium’s Premier Business Loan Destination

Whether a business is just a start-up or a well-established corporation, financing is crucial. Since every business owner has a humongous responsibility on his shoulders, Creditpont BELGIUM does not want to add more weight by complicating our financial assistance.

Our sole aim is to cater to your needs. It should be in a way that both you and we feel accomplished with our agreement. Our loaning instruments are designed to meet your needs best, both the short- term and the long-term. The most sought after being, Small Business loans all over Belgium.

Our business ethic and understanding of the current market trends sets us apart from all the other finance lenders. The answer to your business loan needs even online is with us.

Why We Are the Pioneers in Belgium?

If by getting a loan, you feel like you have taken on a huge burden, then you are certainly doing something wrong. Creditpont BELGIUM can lessen this burden to be non-existent. There are reasons why we call ourselves the best financer of business loans in Belgium.

  • Fastest Approvals in the Market: With us, say goodbye to the apprehension related to getting your loan approved. We have a staggering 98% approval rate, which is the highest for online loans throughout Belgium.
  • Quickest Disbursals: Now, you don’t have to wait for a month to get your money. We can provide disbursals as soon as the day after you apply. The long anticipation period is a thing of the past.
  • Easy and Flexible Repayment: We treat our customers as our ‘Boss'. Whatever your demand, we will provide. With our online business loans, you will get to decide the duration of your loan and the amount of instalment to be repaid each month. Our flexibility to compensate for your needs is why you have to choose us.
  • Convenient Pre-payment Options: If you think you can repay the loan before the duration is up, you are most welcome. Just pay a nominal pre-payment charge, and become free of any debt along with saving some Euros.
  • No Collateral: Our most considerate loans are unsecured business loans in Belgium. You don't have collateral as security, need not worry. We assure you guaranteed loans with no collateral for your needs.
  • Special Treatment for Start-Ups: Start-ups are immensely crucial for the economic growth of our country. Belgium government caters for them, so do we. We have special loans with lesser interest rates and documentation for the budding entrepreneurs.

Four-Step Financing - An Uncomplicated Way of Funding

Do you find the loan application process to be very tedious and mundane? Do you not have the time to adhere to the never-ending documents and verifications? If so, then you have come to the right place. We, at Creditpont BELGIUM, want to make things convenient for you. Our hassle-free online loans for business in Belgium will save you a ton of time and efforts. Just follow the four-steps and you are sorted.


Loan application: Click on the apply tab at the bottom of the screen. Fill the online application form and read the terms and policies thoroughly.


Providing Financial Records: In the second step, you have to upload the list of documents provided by us and wait for a day.


Credit Check:You have uploaded the documents, and we will perform a credit check. It is done to evaluate your credit score. Don't worry, and this doesn't mean you may get rejected.


Approval on Repayment capacity:Now, your wait is almost over. Based upon your ability to repay the loan, we will initiate the disbursals. And you will get your money.

We call ourselves the best in the online business loans market because for us you and your needs are the priority.

“We are happy, only if you are satisfied.”