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Our Loan Commitments

When you approach us, you have multiple things in your hands. Get a loan in 10 minutes alongside features like a simple procedure, time-saving, better strategy, according to individual circumstances, and indeed, the right guidance.

Personal Loans

You should never look unsure when it comes to fulfilling the aspirations of your family. Avail our personal loans and get the desired funding to accomplish everything for your near ones.

Personal Loans

Business Loans

Would you like to have extra funding backup to your venture in Belgium? Well, you get the perfect form of it by availing our fully customised business loans.

Business Loans

Cash Loans

Give your finances quick financial assistance that embraces competitive interest rates and reasonable repayment terms. Apply for cash loans from anywhere and anytime.

Cash Loans

Smart, Straightforward and Secure Loan Features

THE Creditpont work hard to make you capable enough to tackle any financial issue like meeting emergency expenses, debt consolidation or carry out your desires. We are the modern-age enthusiasts to follow private lending in Belgium to make the life of our customers easy-to-live.

Prompt & Proper

You apply now, and you get your money now. It is fast and straightforward as you can get loans in Belgium. We are known for this borrower-friendly approach.

Unique & Useful

We are not the typical private lender like others. We represent a unique world where loans are useful for everyone irrespective of credit history.

Confident & Committed

Once you connect with us, you want to approach us again. We are incredibly confident to serve you and committed to bringing desired outcomes for you.

Relevant & Reliable

Do you want a loan according to your prevailing circumstances? Well, you get the exact deals here that are relevant to your purposes and are reliable too.

Direct & Durable

We are the trustworthy direct lender and wholly dedicated to offering durable offers for every borrower, whether unemployed or poor credit.

Bespoke & Believable

We follow a realistic approach where bespoke personal loan deals are surety. You can believe to our lending terms that are identified as ‘flexible’.

How does Our Lending Method Works?

Your money loan in Belgium is only a few steps away. Come and submit your loan request.

DecideYour Deal

We give you the chance to decide your loan deal. Start applying for it without any delay. No hefty documentation is needed.


Fill the Application Form

Your next step is to apply for a loan online by filling a simple form. Mention all the details that explain about you. Submit it ASAP.


Same-Day Approval & Fund Disbursal

Once we receive your loan request, we approve it and release the money to reach within half an hour to your bank account.



The unrivalled lending procedure solves all your private debt without any hassle. The Creditpont, one of the most trustworthy private lenders in Belgium, always believe in LONG-LASTING relationship with our valued customers by giving them a LONG-TERM financial solution. Our lending deals are technologically advanced and offered only through the online medium. It ensures that we reach quickly to your financial purpose and come back only after completing it.

From car finance to holiday expenses or a direct mini-loan, you can rely on us every time because we keep your hopes alive. We follow a comprehensive approach to assure timely assistance through the routes of 24-hour customer support. Our borrowers are thrilled with the customised platform that they get to obtain borrowing options regardless of their past or current financial status.

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