• Richard Charlie
  • September 15, 2020

Stocks and bonds are common types of investments. When you start building your wealth, you plan to invest money in stocks and bonds. They both will help you make money from money, but they both are different. This is why investors like you often ask a question – what would be an ideal investment choice?

When you buy a stock, you get a small fraction of ownership of a company, and when you buy a bond, you become a lender to the company. Whether you become a stockholder and lender, both types of investments will enable you to build wealth.

Although there are various other ways to start building wealth, they are not suitable for all of them. For instance, investing in property is also an excellent way to make your wealth, but you must already have sufficient money to buy it.

Even if you partner with other people, it will require you to have a significant amount of money to invest in it. Not all people can be that financially sound.

Some people take out loans to start building an investment portfolio. This scenario is generally common among people living from paycheque to paycheque.

They take out payday loans in Belgium to invest in stocks and bonds so that they could earn a good return. Since you are funding your investment with loans, it becomes necessary to invest carefully and strategically.

Here is how you can decide whether you should buy stocks or bonds, according to investment experts.


Whether you are buying shares or bonds, the ultimate goal is to get returns. The higher the return, the better it is. Compared to bonds, stocks yield higher returns.

However, just because they provide returns, it does not mean you will throw all of your money at them. Stocks are volatile in nature, which means their prices go up and down drastically.

  • If a company is making high profits, you will get high returns.
  • If the company is losing money, you will tend to lose money.
  • If you invest in bonds, you will tend to get interested at a fixed rate regardless of the number of profits the company makes.

Bonds yield lower returns, but they are securer than stocks.

Advice: Now that you have got to know, those stocks will yield higher returns, but they are subject to volatility. They will fluctuate according to the performance and reputation of the company. Bonds will not let you earn the right amount of return as stocks, but they are securer. If your priority is return, you should invest in stocks, but remember that they are volatile. If prices go down, you will have to wait until they bounce back, so you can immediately sell them.  

Risk-tolerance capacity

Returns are not everything when it comes to deciding between stocks and bonds. Stocks are subject to higher risk than bonds, but you have to determine how much risk you can afford to bear. For instance, you have €2,000 to invest. It does not mean that all of the money you will invest in stocks.

What if the share prices go down and take a longer time to bounce back? In the interim, how will you manage if you need money urgently?

At the time of investing, calculate how much money you can afford to lose entirely. You should invest with a mindset that you will not regret your investment decision if you lose your money.

Returns only cannot form the basis for investing. You will have to calculate how much risk you can afford to bear.

Advice: Even though you are an acute investor, you cannot predict the market. Therefore, you should invest in both bonds and stocks. If you throw all of your money at stocks, you will likely bear huge losses when the market is doom. If you have different types of investments, you will have a strong portfolio.

The bottom line

It is hard to say simply stocks are a better investment than bonds or bonds are better investments than stocks. Whichever the investment you choose, you will have to evaluate your risk-tolerance capacity.

You can take the help of investment experts who will suggest the ideal investment as per your investment goals, risk tolerance capacity, and financial goals.

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